Vertical Mixers

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We build highly-efficient vertical mixers!


Penta TMR was established in 1995. From the beginning, our concentration was solely on mixers. The first few years were spent rebuilding all makes and models and understanding the workings of TMR mixers. In 2000, production of the first Penta mixer began. We believe that with our experience in the vertical mixer market, we better understand what is needed to enhance each operation. We pride ourselves in the ability to work with our dealers and customers to build machines suited for each individuals needs. The diversity of our mixers can be seen in the custom designs being used in agriculture, commercial and other industries.

Because of the different needs of livestock operations, Penta TMR manufacturers two complete lines of mixers from 300 cu/ft to 1850 cu/ft. The HD line is for customers who demand a machine that will endure the rigors of long hours and extreme use. The SD line is built to the same Penta standards for smaller and midsize operations. Confidence in our product allows Penta TMR to offer the best warranty in the business and years of trouble free use.

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